Display Your Work

If you are a Member of Axminster Art Society you may submit up to four images for display on this website. Please have a look at the gallery pages to see how the images are displayed.

How does it work?

There are just five simple steps. If you want the detail, click here but if you want to start with a simple overview, just read on . . .

  1. Check the Rules

    No point going to a lot of trouble if you don't like the ground rules - check them out here.
  2. Take a Picture

    Photograph your work with a digital camera - don't worry about it being skewed or at an angle, we can fix that. The only thing we can't fix is reflection from glass.
  3. Save the File on your Computer

    Give it a name you will remember and put it somewhere you can easily find it.
  4. Check the Size

    If you right click the mouse on the file and choose 'Properties' you can see the size of the file. This should not exceed 2 Mb. Click here for more detail on all of this - including how to reduce a file size.
  5. Fill out the Form

    When you are ready click here for the form - and just fill it out!

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