Press Reports

Our press reports for the last twelve months, which may or may not have been published in local papers, are given below in reverse chronological order. Reports are limited while we have no dedicated Press Officer but we hope you will enjoy these images.

The Joy of Coloured Pencils

Axminster Art Society's May demonstration was given by Linda Hampson. Linda started by describing the quality of different makes of pencils, then the appropriate paper to use, and then described her technique whilst demonstrating. She emphasised the importance of tone and tricks she employed to 'get it right'. Whilst talking she worked on this stunning image of a cat - the crowning moment was when she demonstrated her treatment of the eyes, they really are looking at you!

Big and Bold

Axminster Art Society's April demonstration was given by Greg Wellman. Here are some images of the workshop that followed.

Wild Acrylic Landscapes

Axminster Art Society's March demonstration was given by Sue Fawthrop, noted for her unusual approach to landscape painting.

A Pastel Landscape

Axminster Art Society welcomed accomplished pastel artist, Lynda Kettle, to their February demonstration meeting. Lynda has been a pastel artist for 25 years alongside an interesting career as an artist in the world of theatre and television and her demonstration was enlivened by stories from those days.

Lynda told the meeting that every artist has a different style and hers, today, was going to be quick and easy. She started with background information about the materials she uses. The right sort of paper is critical, it must have a good tooth for successful pastel work; Lynda uses Fisher 400 and passed samples around the audience, but she also described how one could make one's own by treating cartridge paper with a purpose made primer. Lynda prefers the softer pastels, in spite of their high price, and she carries a huge range of colours. She acknowledged the different schools of thought on whether or not to use fixative to seal the finished work but is firmly of the opinion that this is important even though it may darken the original colours - she likes dark paintings! She demonstrated the way to apply fixative and also advised that hair spray would do the same job. Lynda frames her work with triple mounts, one hidden from view to catch excess pastel dust - adding that this is advisable even if fixative has been applied.

Lynda had prepared her paper with bands of an acrylic wash to complement the final colour scheme, pointing out the "rule of three" and the planned focal point; she had also sketched in the basics of the design. She was then able to go straight in with the pastels. She works from the top of the paper down to avoid smudging and assured the group she would make the half way point before the tea break. She outlined the tree trunks in dark shades of blue and purple ("trees are never brown"), pointing out the light and dark sides to reflect the source of light, and then worked the canopy of trees at the top of the page in short strokes in a variety of blues. When she turned to the grass she used a straight movement, rather than the flicking movement she had used for the leaves, in sympathy with the structure of grass, starting with lighter shades in the distance gravitating to darker and thicker strokes in the foreground. Finally Lynda brought the picture to life with carefully placed poppies and daises, the complementary colours and the brightness of the white giving the whole picture a real lift.

Lynda will be following up the demonstration with a workshop on Saturday 3rd March and she described the format the day will take. Only two spare places were left by the end of the day!

Lynda White opened the first meeting and demo of the year to a packed room. Lynda gave us a comprehensive demonstration using acrylic paints to create a stunning painting of a sky with local landscape. Members enjoyed tea and coffee at the end of the session and also renewed their memberships for this year. Photo to follow.

Critique for Members

Axminster Art Society's June meeting was an opportunity for members to bring their paintings for a professional critique.

The Society's President, Lynda White, managed to get through every picture that was brought. Each one provided a learning opportunity for everyone present. The Society takes a summer break now, returning in September with a demonstration on landscapes in pastels by local artist Richard Turner.

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