Why Join Us?
Members of this Society are a mixed bunch! Most of us are amateurs but we are lucky enough to have some semi-professionals and some definitely-professionals within our ranks. What we have in common is an interest in art, in learning more about art and/or in honing our artistic skills - and we have a lot of fun at the same time. Here is a list of the things we offer.
  • Demonstrations
    There will be 7 demonstrations in 2018. These are presented by professional artists who talk through exactly what they are doing, and why, as they demonstrate. Apart from being interesting, there is so much to be learned from these presentations. Please go to the calendar page to see our complete programme which will show you the range of topics covered.
  • Workshops
    We run 7 workshops each year - these are full day, hands on events run by professional artists and they follow on from the demonstrations. The programme is varied to cater for all. There is an extra charge for the workshops but they are very competitively priced. Non members are very welcome to join us but members pay less.
  • Critique
    Each year our president, a practising artist running her own business, gives a critique on the work brought to the meeting by members. This is a wonderful opportunity to get professional feedback and everybody learns by listening to the advice given to others. Non members are very welcome to come to these meetings but only members may submit work for a critique.
  • Exhibitions
    Unusually, we do not plan to run any exhibitions in 2018, but expect to resume exhibiting at the Axe Vale Festival in 2019.
  • Good Company
    If you join the Society you will find yourself amongst a group of really friendly like-minded people. Whilst we are fortunate in having a few professionals, by far the majority are amateurs. A few of our members don't paint at all but just like the activities on offer.
  • Why not give it a try by coming to a meeting as a Visitor? The £5 charge to non members is set against the subscription if you then decide to join. If you have already decided to join this link will take you to the right page.

    Demonstration meetings are held in the United Reform Church hall in the centre of Axminster and Workshops are held at All Saints Village Hall; follow this link to see where these venues are.

    In view of the cancellation of an exhibition in 2018 the annual membership has been reduced from £22 to £15 in 2018 - but this is temporary - an amazing deal for those more interested in demonstrations and, or, workshops than in exhibiting!

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